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Denali Park Adventures oversees all operations and acts as a one-stop platform for reserving adventure activities, including those of other companies in Denali and throughout Alaska.

Our Company

We are a family owned and operated company and we believe that when you are with Denali Park Adventures, you are our family too. We are connected by a shared love of adventure, open-mindedness to new experiences, and the belief that our lives are better when shared with fellow travelers. We look forward to sharing our Denali with you!

We share the same awe and respect for the wonder of our surroundings that you will undoubtedly feel during your time in and around Denali. Every effort is made to provide a quality guest experience while still maintaining a low impact on this fragile land. We practice Tread Lightly and Leave No Trace guidelines and are Adventure Green certified.

“We are a family owned and operated company and we believe that when you are with Denali Park Adventures, you are our family too.”

Our Story

In the early 90s, a family roadtrip from the lower 48 to Alaska changed the life of a young adventurer. A summer of camping and trekking across National Parks sparked a lasting love of the outdoors but when Denali towered before his wide eyes, he felt he had found home. Unfortunately, being a young boy, the dream of Denali had to wait but as he savored his Lynx Creek Pizza, he began to formulate his plan to return. Upon arrival at school the next year, he penned an essay about his future in Denali, Alaska, on a lake surrounded by mountains, where he could hike, explore, and ride ATVs all day with his family.

As the years passed, and with the transfer of his father to Fairbanks, trips to Alaska became more frequent and the wish to live in Denali never abated. In 2006, Denali Park Adventures was born as a bold idea doodled on a napkin at the gas station diner in Cantwell, AK.

Mike, Emily and Kyle of Denali Park Adventures pose with an ATV.
Mike, Emily, and Kyle Davis: family owners of Denali Park Adventures

Our Journey

Denali ATV Adventures began operating in 2007, offering guided single ATV and side-by-side ATV tours in the Stampede Corridor. Tours were sold out of the historic Alaska Railroad cars on Otto Lake Road but before long, Denali ATV Adventures had grown out of the railcars and was relocated to the Otto Lake Campus.

After a while, we noticed that not all our guests enjoyed romping around and getting dirty; some just wanted to enjoy our incredible scenery and take photos that would make their friends jealous. As a result, Denali Jeep Excursions started trekking down remote Denali Highway in 2012.

Even though we think ATVs and Jeeps are pretty cool, we discovered that the truly adventurous want to share a greater thrill — and so we began to build Denali Park Zipline. Our first guests climbed the Ascending Bridge Tower in 2016 and have been enjoying the thrill of hands-free ziplining ever since!

Denali Toy Rentals opened in 2020 as a response to an increase in demand for non-guided tours and more personal exploration. We have high hopes for this independent form of adventuring.

The front of the Denali Park Adventures and Denali Jeep Excursions summer tour office.
Denali Park Adventures summer tour office

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